-Art and culture Center- Artist chosen for gator glam

  1. -Miami New Times: 5 questions with Pocket of Lollipops’ Tony kapel

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  1. -Gator Glam:

-Miami Design District Newsletter


- PAINTINGCANS the book features 81 artists and 167 collaborations.

Tony Kapel is a sun-bathed and tropical version of the Renaissance man. He is a visual artist, writer, musician, scuba diver, and part-time animal wrangler for local cable access television. And he's also one half of the husband and wife band Pocket of Lollipops.

-Abel Folgar

Miami New Times

-NBC Miami- Got a pocket full of lollipops.

-El Neuvo Herald-


-Metromix Miami- Closing Time. Colleen Dougher

-Irreversible Magazine. Mind Us. Painting Cans Layout.

-Irreversible Magazine.The Snail Car is available at Arteamericas 2008, Miami Beach Convention Center. Also on the Beach, Books & Books, Uncle Sams, Base and Sweat Records, Downtown Miami



-Franklin Street Works. MailArt. Hartford, CT. (Sept. 2014)

-Finish Line. AS220. Providence, RI (June 2014)

-Sewer Rats. Suite 206. Miami, FL (June 2014)

-Lop Off Session. Interactive Performance. SpaceMountain. Little Haiti, FL (March 2014)


  1. -Borscht Film Festival. Group Show. “Bring your own Projector”. Miami Art Museum. Miami, FL.

  2. -Go America, Swamspace Gallery, Solo Show. Design District FL

  3. -Look Like a Sound, The Corner. Downtown Art Days. Miami FL.

  4. -Evil Is Interesting, Chicago


  1. -Triangle Pad, Art Basel Kohn Compound. Miami, Fl


-Megaplex. 6th street Container “un rented space” Miami, Fl

-Miami Art Musuem. Collaboration for TM Sister, With out YOu babe. Miami, Fl.

-Swampspace Galleery. Miami, Fl

-Abracadbra. Art and Culture Center. Hollywood, Fl

-My MEXI-CANS @C/Hernán Cortés nº7 Madrid, Spain

-100 Most, Irreversible CIFO Building, Miami, Fl


-Closing Time, Flim Screening. Art and Culture Center. Hollywood. Fl

-23 1/2 min Film Screening. Sweat Records. Miami. Fl

-Inflatable Sculpture-Foci Art Fair-Art Basel, Downtown Miami

-Painting Cans. Group Project. Madrid Spain.

- A simple walk found too much. Auteur Explosion. Cinema Paradisio.Ft. Lauderdale. Fl.

- New old Shorts. Auteur Explosion. Cinema Paradisio.Ft. Lauderdale. Fl.


-Local Author Book Release @ Sweat Records. What Now What Next. Miami. Fl.

-Painting Cans @ Green Art Fair. Downtown Miami, Fl.

-Alt Space,Metamorphosis. Coconut Grove, Fl. (Aug.)

-Milou Gallery,Painting Cans Unveil.  Wynwood, Fl (Aug.)

-Alt Space, Loaded Deck Skateboard Art Show.Coconut Grove, FL. (June)

-Dorsch Gallery.It’s Okay to Cross Now.Wynwood, Fl. (May)

-Viernes Culturales. Little Havana, Fl.


-Mind the Snails. Design Miami, Art Basel, Wynwood. Mobile Car Piece. Miami, Fl.


-M*T Your Pockets. Art and Music Installation. Swampspace Gallery, Design District, Fl

-Verge Art Fair, Art Basel Miami -Pocket of lollipops performance

-Malice In Wonderland. Buena Vista Building. Pocket of Lollipops. Design District, Fl

-Ideal Tonight Collaboration with TM sisters. Musical Performance, Art  and Culture Center, Hollywood Fl.

-Artformz Gallery. Pocket of Lollipops Performance. Small Wonders. Wynwood, Fl.

-Instruments of Torture, Pocket of Lollipops-Freedom Tower Miami, Fl

-Electronica Act. UVA Lounge. Coral Gables, Fl.